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Bang Aroma 10 ml (N1951) by www.gayshopcyprus.com


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Bang Aroma 10 ml (N1951) by www.gayshopcyprus.com

Bang Aroma 10 ml

Looking to enjoy a little extra excitement in your flat? Bang Aroma offer a refreshing aromatic option. One of these small room odorizers provides that extra sizzle in a single pop. Revitalize grey days and ho-hum weeks with the big bang that comes in a little canister.

Whether you need to blow off some steam midweek or are looking for a way to liven up the weekend, Aroma fit the bill. Bang Aroma punch holes in the fabric of the ordinary. Their sharp sensation strikes with passion, instantly filling the room with odorising exhilaration. Both ladies and gents succumb to the power of these famous room aromas. The fresh elation, once loosed, frees mind and body to indulge in ecstatic pleasure.

Punch it to the mundane, and prepare for the time of your life with these Aroma, sure to release the power of exciting romance. When the clubs become more sham than glam, shake things up with a party at home. Your mates will applaud your fine taste in room aromas. Even your pocketbook will be pleased, scarcely noticing the impact of the price you spent for this euphoria. Eager to re-experience the sensation? Be sure to keep a stash of these room odorizers on hand for future use.

For anyone who's ever wished to personally experience the big bang, now is the time to discover how practice supersedes theory. Experience the rush and exhilaration only Bang Aroma have to offer.

Contains 10 ml: Isopropyl Nitrite, EC 208-779-0

Not for sale to minors. Do not empty into drains.

Highly flammable. Toxic by inhalation. Very toxic if swallowed

Keep out of reach of children.

Keep locked up. Keep container tightly closed

If medical advise is needed have product container or label at hand. Read label before use.

Use only as Room odouriser