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Bears Own Popper 25 ml (BEARSOWN 25ML) by www.gayshopcyprus.com


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Bears Own Popper 25 ml (BEARSOWN 25ML) by www.gayshopcyprus.com

Bears Own Popper 25 ml

Bear's Own Strong Popper 25 ml. Big in size, low in price, Strong with long lasting effect, popper. 

WHO'S YA DADDY. Strong Popper Aroma. Contains 25 ml Isopropyl Nitrite.

Every so often a bear has to do what a bear wants to do. The urge toward excitement and intensity will not be put down. The time to party has come, and the aggressive bear needs Aroma designed specifically for the event.

Bears Own Aroma room aromas are as strong and burly as the bear you hope to take home tonight. Get the party started with a couple Aroma in the room. Then see what miracles await. These room aromas won't stop until the bears are ready to hibernate, so plan to be fully satisfied.

The unique aromas of these Aroma have what it takes to get any party started and keep it going. Whether you are clubbing or having a private party, feel the extended ecstasy made especially for big hairy hunks and ferocious cubs.

Strong, distinctive and now affordable, Bears Own Aroma' exclusive aroma arouses the bear and keeps the party pumping. Euphoria and satisfaction lie within reach. Should the aura need an extra jolt, pop another canister. In fact, nights like this should never find a big bear lacking the proper Aroma.

Stock up now and never let an opportunity pass you by. The sensation of these amazing, long lasting Aroma arouses the senses. A lasting atmosphere of rapture awaits. Now more affordable than ever, room aromas are a must for parties, soirees or average quiet nights that need a boost.

Bears and their cubs never enjoy mundane living. Aroma insure your experience will never be dull.