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English Popper 22 ml (ENGLISHPOP22) by www.gayshopcyprus.com


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English Popper 22 ml (ENGLISHPOP22) by www.gayshopcyprus.com

English Popper 22 ml

English Popper, a patriotic bottle of sexual power, with its distinctive St George's Cross on the Label and 22ml of pure English Bedroom Aroma.

Popper ENGLISH 22 ml. Large in size and even larger in power.

The ENGLISH POPPER 22 ml is one of the best selling poppers on GayShopCyprus.com for good reason.

This Isopropyl Nitrite popper is a step up from other poppers. This popper is STRONG and might prove to be too intense for some.

Why English Popper?

The effects of English Popper, the aphrodisiac exhilarating powerful, are mainly:

– Euphoria

– Aggravated sensualism

– Vertiginous and stimulating draft

– Feel good

– Sensation of heat

– Désinhibition.

– Muscular relaxation which facilitates among others the penetration (vaginal or anal) during the sexual act

Always remember that poppers are for cleaning purposes only. NEVER for personal use/abuse.

Composition: Isopropyl Nitrite

Not for swallowing. Do not allow to come in touch with your skin.

Bottles of 22 ml

Please note the following

To your attention note that certain products can be freely sold in certain countries, but forbidden in the others, within the EEC, every customer thus has to verify the correspondence of the product imported with his national legislation