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Juice Zero Popper 9 ml (JuiceZero9) by www.gayshopcyprus.com


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Juice Zero Popper 9 ml (JuiceZero9) by www.gayshopcyprus.com

Juice Zero Popper 9 ml

Long lasting small size Popper Juice Zero Popper 9 ml with internal Mega Pellet for extra powered shakes.  Indeed, shake well before each application and feel the power to the Xtreme. Top notch party popper that can awake even the most sexually "dead" men ever!

This aphrodisiac awakens the most hidden senses, frees the sexual impulses, and stimulates the desire, while allowing to get rid of its inhibitions. Juice Zero Popper is considered one of the strongest in the global market is particularly appreciated by the followers of strong sensations. 

Composition: Nitrite Propyl

Not for swallowing. Do not allow to come in touch with your skin.

Bottles of 9 ml

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To your attention note that certain products can be freely sold in certain countries, but forbidden in the others, within the EEC, every customer thus has to verify the correspondence of the product imported with his national legislation